Saturday, 10 January 2015


While Listening to A Song About Love by Jake Bugg

There is nothing more motivational to start a new year than looking for an inspiration. Well, i've found mine :)

it's HANS ZIMMER. the Hans Zimmer.

Do you guys know him? maybe not all of you but i'm sure all of you has been direct or indirectly connected to his works somehow in your life.

So who is he really? well, he's a 57 years old Germany guy and what makes him special is that he has won so many awards that maybe he has a room full of it. Just look at the mainstream awards he's received, 4 Grammys, 3 Classical BRIT Awards, 2 Golden Globes and an Academy Awards.

He composed original soundtrack for movies like Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception, 12 Years of Slave, Gladiator, and so many more. The latest well known work of him was Interstellar.

See, i really admire guys like this who doesn't really promote himself into famous-ness (i dont know if thats even a word) but instead keeps making masterpiece. Let see his background for a moment, Hans's mother was very musical and his father was an engineer, so he grew up modifying instruments of music. He got that from both side of his parents. One time he modified piano and attached a chainsaw to it that made his mom shocked and his dad yelled that maybe it was a brilliant innovation in technology. His mind was sickly creative from the beginning. And now he's making music with tools and instruments only God knows what, but in the end, it's the result that really matter, and his works are fantastic.

i read somewhere that when he composed soundtrack for the Last Samurai, he studied so hard about japanese music that he flew himself to Japan to learn it firsthand. And he realized that the more he studied the less he felt he knew. But when japanese musicians listened to his work, they shocked and asked him how he knew so much about Japanese music.

Something that i learn from him are the more you know the much more humble you become. because the logic is, you realize that there are so many things to learn that maybe your lifetime is not enough. And that state of mind only appears in someone who already saw the big picture of something. And also Hans Zimmer is a very dedicated worker, like when he made a decision to flew all the way to Japan to work. Damn, that's a dedication.

And that's my inspiration in this beautiful January :)

Hans Zimmer -taken from 9gag.com-