Thursday, 21 July 2016

the Sweetest Comeback

While Listening Sober by Blink 182

Hi There.
Long time no see, this site has been kinda abandoned without reason. mainly because i did not have the right motivation on new things to be written about. But 'no-motivation' no more, because Blink-182.
Maybe some of you have heard (if you are not living under rock) that the funny-driven-punk-rock band has released their first album without Tom DeLonge. I will not -i repeat- will not discuss about Tom in this article, mainly because i am still disapointed on the event. i was so disapointed i did not want to listen to their first single "bored to death" and dodged that as hard as i can. But my friends keep posting it on social media thus i could not resist it any longer.

SO, their seventh album entitled California has some major important thing that caught my eyes.
  1. Its artwork on the cover just brilliant! feels young but somehow mature. i dont know, i cant quite put it into words but it's just awesome and if Blink 182 intends to attract customer with it, then it worked on me, in a good way
  2. Tom DeLonge no more :(
  3. New member Matt Skiba
  4. Super long ass album (42:36)
When it's on Wiki then you know it's real
It was exactly a week ago when i first heard this album. the exact reaction was "well, okay i guess. average.". But i keep on listening to it for a week (and never skipped a day) and probably as per today, i've been listening to California 20 times LOL. I dunno, i just slowly connected to the Blink-182 that i once loved. True, the missing ingredients (as in Tom) is quite significant (no his signature voice color added into the harmony), but the pessimistic thoughts change as i heard a track 'Left Out'. Matt Skiba's voice is very strong on this track, he yelled 'left out' and it reached me. from that day onward i was hooked. This album is great. it's awesome. i dont care if the critics say it's too long or it's not as good as with Tom in it. Taste is subjective man, biased or not still it's subjective. and in my opinion. This is a great job by Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba. Well done guys!
The first track called 'Cynical'. my most favorite part of it is at 0:36 where someone (i guess it's either Travis or Matt) mumbling/screaming randomly. the second track 'Bored to Death' reminded me of Blink 182's previous track called Feeling This. but it's no way near Feeling This as you hearing it through the end (thank God). 'She's Out Her Mind' probably is my least favorite on this album. but probably it will change one day, no one knows. as in for 'Los Angeles' i love the outro bridge of this song. 'Sober'! this song better be a hit. one of the first favorite song on my first hearing on this album, LOOOOVEE IT!. do you remember 'Grandpa is An Asshole'? or 'I Want to Fuck a Dog (in the Ass)'? the next track, well while not as messed up as his precedence, still kinda fun. 'No Future' is becoming fun after my second or third time listening to California, so you know it's good. The romantic ballad is represented on their next track called 'Home Is Such a Lonely Place' and the other ballad that i love called 'California' the album title. 'Kings of The Weekend' is a fun track pretty much represent the feeling of the weekend, but for the first hearing is meh. This is my second least favorite song on this album, called 'Teenage Satellites'. but i still love it because like i said, i basically love the whole album. as for 'Rabbit Hole', 'The Only Thing that Matters' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is the most old-blink182 in my opinion. 'San Diego' feels sad and emotional somehow.

There it is, my review.