Sunday, 9 March 2014

Magical Eric

While Listening to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is one of the greatest and most consistent musician in the world. He was born in England (one of my favorite countries in the world). His productive time in music field is infinity alike. this dude has released so many albums in his lifetime. from 1970 until last year, mr. clapton has constantly given contributions to this world in a form of music. and about acknowledgement? of course he nails it. He earned 17 Grammy. And if that wasn't amazed you, i don't know what will.

How come i ever get the chance of knowing him? how did i get so lucky? well, thanks to my dad, he introduced me to the one and only Eric Clapton when i was just a little girl. i'm sorry if this is getting a little bit personal, but who am i kidding, this is my freakin' blog (lol). Anyway, the first song i ever heard mr. clapton sang and played was Tears in Heaven. This particular song took my attention. because my dad told me that this song was about a son that died and his dad (eric clapton) channelled his despair through song which was entitled 'Tears in Heaven'. i found it very touching and i started loving mr. clapton's works from that time.

i must admit, i don't know much of his songs and of course i don't know all of them. because that's a loadsome of masterpieces to go through and he lived practically before my time but that doesn't deny the fact that he has affected my childhood and my love for music and that's the reason i write an article about him. this is a gratitude for letting me know the taste of a good music. and it was indeed delicious.

The second song from him that i heard was Wonderful Tonight. i may have read an article mentioned the origin of this song like who inspired it. this time was different, my dad wasn't told me anything about the background story of this song. i found it myself. This song is a love song. it's a story of how a man was enchanted by this particular girl that so beautiful that night. see? musicians are sensitive, they're deep. they actually appreciate things that matter to them. they thought about it in long good time and bam! a masterpiece is born. This particular girl, suspected to be Pattie Boyd, and she was married to George Harrison (guitarist of The Beatles) at that time. His affection continued as he created another song about her which i also love so much called 'Layla'. This song was about a man that is madly in love with a woman but he could not marry her. more like an infatuation. man, that is insanely romantic. but in the end he married that girl but got a divorce as well. but my concern wasn't on that part. he created a good song because of this girl and i think a lot of people in the world are thankful for it. we can always get a bright side over things, right?

Those two songs i mentioned above was introduced to me when i was a little girl, as the time went by, i started to looking to another piece from mr. clapton. These are my favorite songs from him,
1. Wonderful Tonight
2. Tears in Heaven
3. Layla
4. Crossroads
5. Let it Rain

i also love his colabration with BB. King like 'key to the highway' and 'Come rain or come shine'

Eric Clapton, magical eric, well at least to me. he holds one of the keys of my growing love for music. and i learned that, even in the worst of times and conditions you can still manage to get a good thing out of it. like songs. and people can enjoy it, they'll be thankful to you and your story would be immortal (in a good way) eventhough it's the story of the death of your child. Thanks for the lesson mr. clapton :)

Eric Clapton


  1. i feel how passionate you are in music and him. what a great insight of him! :D